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Other Ohio Groups

New to Ohio? Live in Ohio and new to furry? Wondering where everyone is? Ohio is a little disorganized. This is a partial list of other places to find events. The administrators will do their best to add events in these groups to the calendar on this site.


Kentucky Furries: (Useful for people in Cincinnati. Cincinnati events are usually cross posted to kyfurs)

FurAffinity (posts events from kyfurs website) (N. Kentucky/Cincinnati)


Ohio Furries: (closed group)
Buckeye Furs: (open group)
South West Ohio Furries: (open group)
Northwest Ohio Furries: (closed group)
Michigan Fur Meets: (open group)
Cleveland Area Furries: (closed group)
NEOfurs: (closed group)


Ohio Furs:

Mailing Lists

Ye olde school internets, The mailing list. If you haven't used a mailing list before, it's an group email discussion. You send an email to an address and that email goes to every on the list and replies to your message go to everyone on the list.

Dayton: (The Dayton list has a Dinner and a Movie event every tuesday.)
North-East Ohio (Cleveland area) furs:


Cincinnati: Ask epoch.wolf for access to the cincinnati skype conversation.